The Waterdeep Troupe


The group picked up session 2 with four guards and one peasant worker tied up.
We decided to wait for the reinforcement that Princess Mallyandra said would be on the way.
It wasn’t long in the day when we heard riders coming from the Keep Brightfield’s direction. The reinforcements turned out to be Lord Bartalomay "Steward of Keep Brightfield” Lord Bartalomay brought with him, two guards.
We showed Lord Bartalomay the princess, who was lying in the cart due to her injuries. Lord Bartalomay wanted to move the princess to Keep Brightfield right away.
(Chris’ character) assured Lord Bartalomay that he could keep the princess alive and that her wounds did not keep her from traveling.
We traveled for two days without incident and arrived to Keep Brightfield through the scent of pig farms.
The keep itself sat upon a hill of limestone. The walls were sixty feet high. The Keep is about eighty feet by eighty feet with corner towers and one smaller tower in the Keep’s center.
The Keep was empty except for a few handfuls of actual soldiers.
(Chris) continued to provide care for the Princess over the day until she woke up, sometime around mid-day.
(Anthony’s character) and Blorcyrn found a library so we got permission to research in there. We found only one book of interest. It has strange archaic writing in it. Even with Blorcyrn’s linguistics it was tough to make much out of it.
Lord Baralomay spoke with the Princess right away but she would not leave the Keep.
The next day Blorcyrn tried to get Lord Bartalomay to go ahead and prep the Keep to evacuate. Blorcyn’s pitch was to be ready in the event the Princess “changed her mind”.
The fear at this point was that Lord Pace would send numerous riders to take advantage of the Brightfield weakened situation.
Blorcyn got an audience with the Princess to try to “talk her into” leaving the Keep. Even with the use of magic, the Princess would not leave her Keep.
Soon after that the group heard rider coming hard toward Brightfield Keep. The group made out 10-12 riders.
Blorcyn wasted no time. He ran to gather his things and with one last suggestion to leave the Keep to everyone who could hear him, he ran out of the Keep and down the hill toward to rear of the Keep. Blorcyn paused only long enough to verify the riders were indeed Lord Pace’s men. He kept running down the hill and across the rolling fields away from Keep Brightfield. (Anthony’s character) decided to join Blorcyn rather than face whatever mercy Lord Pace would have on anyone caught aiding Brightfield.
It turns out Waterdeep magistrate had come with some of the Pace men to offer a settlement of terms for the feuding houses. The dispute would be settled by a battle of house champion.
Among the Pace men also included a priest of Jadism (not Judaism) and his black knight protector. The battle of champions had to be sanctioned by the priest since it was created by Jadism law.
Blorcyn and (Anthony’s character) were running away still when Lord Bartalomay and (Chris’ character) caught up with them on horseback.
(Anthony’s character) panicked and turned into his beast form before he saw who the riders were. We both thought it was Pace men coming to attack us.
(Anthony) and Blorcyn agreed to help Brightfield champion win the fight but we agreed that the book we found in the library would be our payment.
The leader of the Pace patrol was Lord Pace’s own son. (Name)
The Pace champion sent was Lord Bartalomay’s nephew so Lord Bartalomay refused to fight against his own kin.
(Greg’s character) then volunteered to be champion for Brightfield.
The fight took place inside the Keep and only a few of the Pace riders were allowed inside. Pace prince, two Pace men, magistrate, priest and the priest’s black guard were the only ones allowed into the Keep.
(Chris’s character) was so bold as to bet the Pace Prince 300g that (Greg) would defeat his champion. (Chris) didn’t have 300g so he put up his guns to cover the wager.
(Anthony) cast mage armor on (Greg) before the fight. Blorcyn cast stumble gap in the Pace champion’s space each time (Greg) connected a punch. Twice this made it appear that (Greg) hit the knight so hard he fell down. (Anthony) was in charge of signaling to (Chris) when Blorcyn began to cast and then (Chris) would distract the priest so he would be less likely to notice spells being cast.
(Greg) won the fight with only taking a single hit!
Everyone was shocked when an unarmored carnival performer defeated a knight in full armor!
The priest tried to probe Blorcyn’s mind but Blorcyn’s will was too strong.
Once the battle was done, the Pace Prince and his rider’s left Keep Brightfield. Prince Pace did not have 300g on his either but he left his warhorse as collateral.
The defeated Pace champion was left behind in Keep Brightfield, shamed.
(Chris) was rewarded with a Brightfield breastplate that once belonged to Mollyandra’s father.
(I can’t remember who) found a map with a spot circled in the library. The group decided to go check that circle out.
When we got to the spot we thought was the location circled on the map we found a cave with at least one Jadism priest and black guard there. There were also workers there and it looked like they were mining.
The group decided to not engage and just go back to report the findings to Princess Brightfield.
Once the group gave the report to Brightfield they continued toward Waterdeep.
While on the road, Blorcyn detected someone was following them. Blorcyn told the group so everyone would be aware.
The group came upon a small town with only one inn. Everyone shared a room just to be on the safe side.
We set up watches and on the second watch; Chris heard something coming up the inn steps towards our door.
Chris woke everyone up.
It turned out to be 7 crossbowmen laying an ambush for the group. Two by two they sprang in front of the door and shot bolts into the room the group was cramped inside.
The crossbowmen were taken out by (Greg, Chris and Anthony), Blorcyn pretty much hid in the corner.

(I know I probably got some stuff wrong or left out bits and pieces (especially the last fight) so feel free to edit)


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